Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ronin got his first haircut. 
It's tradition that we refrain from cutting the boys' hair until they're a year old.  At a year, each of our boys got their heads shaved.  Ronin took to it well but I must say that our neighbors and friends were in an uproar.  People seemed to be shocked at how different he looked.  I agree, I took a step back and shed a few tears just because he looked like a little boy and not a baby. They grow too fast!
Yesterday, I took a few shots of Ronin with his first popsicle.  (One that he held himself)
He and his brothers enjoyed the 80+ degree weather with their fruit popsicles and I just got the camera as they were finishing their treats.
I love my boys.  I am sad to see summer go.  The boys swam, hiked, travelled across the country, shot guns, etc.  This was a summer full with memories of family, friends, and fun.  This is the essence of life.

Monday, April 13, 2009

8 Months Old Today...

Not one day goes by and I don't realize how truly blessed I am to have my boys in my life.  They are such a wonderful and welcomed distraction to my dissertation.  
I have been asked, quite a bit, if I find it harder to finish school because of I had Ronin.  
The answer is "School has always been hard for me to finish.  Ronin and his brothers are such a light during an especially trying time."  
Yup, still not finished with my PhD. but it will get done.  In the meantime, loving this baby and all my men folk has added to my learning and loving.  

Two weeks ago Xavier turned 5.
In 4 days Micah turns 7.  
Today Ronin is 8 months.
Yesterday marked Eric's and my ten-year dating anniversary.
Time flies.
I really try not to blink too often.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Look! Mom No Training Wheels.

Micah has moved on from training wheels and has never looked back.  He now handles the rugged lake terrain and wants to ride everyday.  He is his father's son.  They both go off for hours at a time proving their heightened levels of masculinity through their completion of certain bicycle feats.  

Notice, I only have this subdued picture. NO camera has gone where Micah and his father go riding.  

Xavier and the Dirty South

Xavier has just fallen in love with the Dirty South.  He likes the music, he does not pass up the opportunity to sing along to a dirty south rap song.    

He loves the food.  He can eat hush puppies by the dozen but let's be honest, who can't.

And his latest cultural adaptation, the do rag.  Here in the South, you can buy them at the convenience stores and he has been begging his Dad to buy him one.  Early this week Eric finally broke down and bought his sons do rags.  Xay was too excited and even wore it to bed.  A few days later I made him take some pictures and he happily obliged.  Wow, Xavier has to be my fairest child and yet the most down with the cause.  

Friday, October 10, 2008

I Just Had to Take Some PICTURES!!

The many faces of Ronin Salleh Sorensen!

Auntie Najah Is My Shoulder to Lean On

Today I took some picture of Ronin as Najah was trying to burp him.  She spends so much time with him and we really don't know what we'd do without her.  
The other day Ronin smiled his biggest smile at her and it warmed my heart.
It's nice to have family!
May we all be loved by wonderful aunties and uncles.